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desktop runs slow and your programs don’t work all of a sudden ? Your hard drive got corrupted or did a virus infect your machine ?  We at Computer Repair Mumbai will solve it all and get you up and running in no time !

We cover all of Mumbai, and can diagnose and fix most PC problems with a single visit. you may not even have to visit our shops as nine out of ten issues can be fixed remotely if they are software related. 

PC repair services we provide- 

Noisy Computer

Computer making weird noises on startup ? must be an exhaust fan gone awry; but worry not, as our expert technicians will fix the cause of the problem effectively and at lower prices than the market.

Computer Fails to Start

Nothing happens when you press the power button of your Mac or Windows computer ? Not even any beeps, clicks, clunks, or whirs ? Sure, one of the scariest things that can happen to your computer is when it just dosen’t power on whatever you do but one shoukldn’t panic at all as there is a high chance your personal data is perfectly safe, just not accessible at the moment. This may be because one of the hardware components like motherboard, CPU, memory or graphic card may have developed a problem due to which it failed.

Computer Freezes and Restarts

There are two categories of problems that causing a a computer to hang or freeze and restart. The first and most probable is a problem in the Windows or Mac software. Viruses, Trojans, rogues and other adware can cause system instability. Operating systems on the detection of a problem ,restarts the system in order to prevent further damage in future. They can, in most situations, be solved by cleansing your computer of unwanted programs and spyware, carrying out driver update or reinstalling the existing operating system. We have employed software engineers to test for any software problem and repair your computer at your home or workplace right away.

A hardware problem is the next in category and more serious. overheating due to failure of heat dissipation system is the most probable cause for a computer to freeze and restart.

There are more faults in hardware that can cause a computer to freeze. Faulty power supply, GPU, processor, or even the HDD can cause pc overheating which most of the times  will be fixed on-site but sometimes it requires more serious testing. Give us a call and we will take your desktop PC to our repair shop and deliver it fixed in fully working condition without incurring any extra charges. Repair times depends on the problem but usually take about 1 to 3 days.

Computer is Too Slow

Computer is running slow and takes forever to boot or shut down, or even just shuts itself off? A computer’s speed deteriorates overtime because of corrupt or old and redundant files that build up in the memory over years of usage.

This slows the computer down and makes it sluggish, causing crashes, system errors and serious performance issues when you need your PC the most, making one wait for the computer to go do simple, routine tasks. This Often happens to older PC’s can happen to new ones too.

Printer, Keyboard or Mouse Doesn’t Work

Problems with peripherals can come out of the blue when you need their service the most. They’ll work fine for many years but just stop doing so all of a sudden on an unfateful day. driver issues cause these problems in most cases. The problem might not be with the peripheral in the first case but turn out to be a problem with the USB port.

In a few cases,faulty hardware might be a problem. If none of your peripherals connected through USB are not working, there might be a problem with the motherboard. If your wi-fi printer is not functioning properly, this can be caused by the wrong drivers or the wrong wi-fi router configuration.

Screen Won’t Show Anything

Turning on the desktop computer if you can hear it boot and the windows to load, but then your screen won’t show anything or show “no signal found”. This may be because of a number of reasons. One of them might be a loose cable not sending the proper signal so check your cables if you recently moved your computer. 

Maybe the monitor has gone bad so connect the wires to a different screen to find out.

Sometimes the screen shows nothing because of a faulty GPU or other hardware. You should contact Computer Repair Mumbai and get your problem fixed by our skilled engineers if the steps mentioned above didn’t solve your problem .

Our computer engineers can repair all problems related to the monitor. they will test everything that needs testing- cables, hardware or software issues and conduct repairs on finding any problems. You can book them on our site or call us. Our qualified desktop repair technician will conduct diagnostics on your PC and will tell you the exact quote for repairs. If you change your mind or if the repairs are too expensive, we’ll charge you just for the testing.

Free Consultation
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We ensure each and every one of our customer is well catered to, we understand most of our customers come to us in distress as the primary machine they work on is not functional / semi functional and they are worried about the data.

We provide free consultation post assessment of problem first remotely by asking questions and then video call, this ensures transparency and clarity on he scope of work.

Post the free consultation the problem is sometimes partly diagnosed remotely and we request you to send us the laptop or mobile via courier. 

Once we ave received the item we will diagnose and update you about the time and effort cost for the same and we promise to keep you in loop at every stage.

We Guarantee you the best solution for your computer or mobile problem with a service time and price quote as early as 24 hours.

We always use genuine parts in case of replacements and the same is charged at market price for the parts also the warranty on the products will be provided straight by the manufacturer. 


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