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Computer Repair Mumbai is who you call when you are running into problems with your tablet being slow, has a broken screen, or if it stops working altogether. Tablets offer a type of flexibility and convenience that no phone or laptop can provide – from reading books, watching movies, creating presentations for work, talking to your boss or clients on Skype on the move to keeping one entertained with games and chatting with friends and family through social media so if your tablet stops working for some reason, one might want it repaired quickly.

Computer Repair Mumbai’s services can be availed all over the city and most problems can be fixed with a single visit to one of our tablet repair shops or you can just contact us and we will come and tak eyour damaged deice and deliver it fixed wherever and whenver you want it delivered. 

These are some o the areas where we provide our repairing services:

Screen replacement service 

Bringing a tablet with damaged screen to a professional repair service like ours is the best way to repair to so as to not risk further damage to the device. Our highly trained engineers ar Computer Repair Mumbai can fix your screen quickly and safely. Just visit our nearest store and common repairs like screen replacement can be done on-site on the same day or you can just mail youor device to us i fyou dont want to wait and we’ll mail the fixed device to you in no time.

Replacing a broken screen is the beat way to use your tablet and prolonged use with a cracked screen can eventually lead to complete loss of functionality – causing even more serious problems such as – backlight malfunction, dark spots, dead spots, and discoloration. 

Water damage repair

Technology and water do not go hand in hand and a little bit of it can kill your screen or fry up your internals. We at Computer Repair Mumbai offer our services for business and home users. Our engineers will come to your home or place of work to pick up your machine – you just have to give us a call and If it’s urgent, we’ll do everything in our power for a quick same day service, fixed, and ready to finish your project. 

Battery replacement

Our battery replacement services are the best in town and extend to – Samsung tablets, Acer tablets, Apple iPads, Asus tablets, and many more tablet models. We have a stash of a lot of tablet batteries in stock if it’s really urgent, for same-day tablet repair. Your tablet will go through a high-quality OEM tablet battery replacement in our in-house battery repair service.

Here are some scenarios where there may be a need for a quick replacement of your tablet’s battery –

  1. Battery dies after shortly after charging your tablet to 100%. 
  2. The tablet battery percentages are fluctuating very quickly.
  3. The back cover of your tablet is bulging due to the battery expanding.
  4. The device is dead and will no longer turn on.
  5. The device turns on only when its plugged in.

Viruses, slow software, data recovery and transfer, software updates

Give us a call if you need to transfer your pictures, music, video, documents or any other files to a new hard drive since this step i really important if you need to install a new operating system and want to keep your personal files. Our skilled engineers can recover data from faulty hard drives, or from computers that wont boot into windows. 

We can back your data up along with a clean install of your current system. We offer our services to install or transfer any Anti virus, malware, and spyware programs in your device. 

Bring in your computer and the cost of the diagnostic will be put towards any labor costs if your tablet 

has an unknown problem preventing it from working properly. 

Logic boards and internal components fix and replace

Most cell phone repair shops in Mumbai or even the official service centers of various tablet companies do NOT fix damaged motherboards and tell you to just buy a new device since replacing a logic board is expensive and they haven’t invested in micro soldering technology.

It is quite a risky process that doesn’t work if its not done skilfully but It is entirely possible to replace an entire motherboard. In doing so you will lose access to all of your personal data, downloads, and files. The process is tiring, time-consuming and isn’t cheap. In most cases your tablet just needs one or two of chips of the logic board repaired, which is accomplished through micro soldering. Without the tools, for this trade, there is no other way to carefully access these parts in order to diagnose and fix the issue.

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Personal Care Super Support Guaranteed

We ensure each and every one of our customer is well catered to, we understand most of our customers come to us in distress as the primary machine they work on is not functional / semi functional and they are worried about the data.

We provide free consultation post assessment of problem first remotely by asking questions and then video call, this ensures transparency and clarity on he scope of work.

Post the free consultation the problem is sometimes partly diagnosed remotely and we request you to send us the laptop or mobile via courier. 

Once we ave received the item we will diagnose and update you about the time and effort cost for the same and we promise to keep you in loop at every stage.

We Guarantee you the best solution for your computer or mobile problem with a service time and price quote as early as 24 hours.

We always use genuine parts in case of replacements and the same is charged at market price for the parts also the warranty on the products will be provided straight by the manufacturer. 


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