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To want a faster system, by upgrading it with faster parts is a thought that frequently occurs in every PC owner’s mind from time to time. But replacement parts are costly, and cash-strapped computer enthusiasts put their money where it counts most.


hardware upgrades have the ability to extend the life of your current computer. your new Computer System was the latest and greatest When you purchased it, but six months later there will be an even better and faster computer on the market. Our expert computer engineers will help you keep up with the rapidly changing technology by conducting a series of simple, low-cost upgrades to your existing computer.


You just have to contact us by call or Email to find out how we can upgrade your computer hardware to increase productivity, processing speed, and keep you on the bleeding edge of computer technology without purchasing a whole new desktop system.


Here are the some of the many computer upgrade services we provide –


  1. RAM: Your computer needs a random access memory, for performing its routine functions and operations. A RAM upgrade allows your workstation to perform many memory-heavy tasks at the same time and run faster. installing additional RAM or replacing the existing computer hardware with larger memory sticks Is a huge performance boost for your PC. 


  1. Hard drive: Hard drives on a lot of modern-day laptops and desktop computers are modular and swapping them for a faster version with a larger memory capacity. A larger hard drive means that now you can store more programs, music, and photos withourt running the risk of your PC slowing down. Moreover, Installation of more than one hard drive in a desktop computer can also be done to expand storage or having a stable and secure backup.


  1. Optical disc drive: An upgrade to your old DVD burner or a Blu-ray disc drive will give your computer new capabilities. An optical drive is easy to install, and you can also  install multiple drives on the same desktop, with one drive as the master drive and a second as a “slave” drive.


  1. Processor: A processor or Central Processing Unit impacts the speed and performance of your laptop or desktop computer in a profound manner and is also quite a simple component to change and upgrade. One must check the processor socket type on their computer’s motherboard before you choosing a new processor because the new one needs to match that socket type to be compatible.


  1. Video card: Also known as Graphics processing units or GPU or Graphics card, are for people with PCs for handling heavy image rendering in video games and 3-D rendering software. A new GPU boosts a computer’s graphics processing ability  which allows you to play the latest games or use your computer as a high-definition entertainment center with your HDTV.

Our standard services are delivered remotely and during normal business hours which will result in your money being saved. However, upon request, we can perform upgrade/update, migration or conversion services on-site at your organization or you can always visit one of our many computer repair shops. On top of that, we can deliver our services outside of normal business hours, or even during weekends.

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We ensure each and every one of our customer is well catered to, we understand most of our customers come to us in distress as the primary machine they work on is not functional / semi functional and they are worried about the data.

We provide free consultation post assessment of problem first remotely by asking questions and then video call, this ensures transparency and clarity on he scope of work.

Post the free consultation the problem is sometimes partly diagnosed remotely and we request you to send us the laptop or mobile via courier. 

Once we ave received the item we will diagnose and update you about the time and effort cost for the same and we promise to keep you in loop at every stage.

We Guarantee you the best solution for your computer or mobile problem with a service time and price quote as early as 24 hours.

We always use genuine parts in case of replacements and the same is charged at market price for the parts also the warranty on the products will be provided straight by the manufacturer. 


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